I believe documenting your family looking and acting like yourselves, is more meaningful than capturing your family looking perfect; I create photos that capture your family’s relationship because this is documenting your real life! I believe documentary photos are the images that matter most now and as time marches on and your life takes on new shape.

These are special times you’re living in and you cannot repeat them.

I choose to document relationships because I think it’s the most important part of the human experience.

It’s an honor to be invited into a family’s intimate space for a few hours. I am so thankful for that invitation and access. When you invite me into your home I will learn so much about you, so to be fair, here is some personal information about me:

3 Adjectives I Would Use To Describe Myself:

  • Energetic: Seriously, I have tons of energy, it’s rare that I feel tired.

  • Approachable: I am always eager to engage with others. I find nothing as satisfying as connecting emotionally and intellectually.

  • Stubborn: If I can’t agree to your why, I can’t get on board. Perhaps this is why I work for myself…

Some other tidbits:

Most of my closest friends today, are my best buds from childhood.

Part of my wedding vow was “I like you more than anyone I’ve ever met”. It’s still true and always will be.

I'm one of 3 children to an amazing mother and father that I admire and have always felt supported by.

My brother and sister are 2 of my closest friends. 

My most sentimental possessions are my printed photos, birthday cards from my family, and my engagement ring. 

I love living in densely populated cities.

I love traveling to new places, learning about other cultures, and learning foreign languages.

I always want to stay up late and I am as fond of early mornings as I ever was as a teenager.

I am professional and informal. They can in fact, go together.