Why Your Next Family Photo Session Should be On Vacation, in NYC, with Front Page Photography!

family central park

A visit to NYC in a milestone for many families, after all, there isn’t any other place quite like it.  The Big Apple… there are so many sites to visit, streets to explore, experiences to take in, food to eat.  Of course, there are the top sites to visit: The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Square, and the list goes on.  

These days, more and more families have decided the best way to document their family trip and create family photos that preserve this time in their life, is to have a professional photography session while visiting the sites during their vacation!  

NYC family photos

It’s brilliant!  You spend an afternoon exploring an area of interest to you with help from your local guide, that’s me!  I photograph your family all along the way.  That’s all you have to do!  This enjoyable photo session ensures beautiful family photos that not only tell the story of your family vacation, but they also preserve this time in your family life in an authentic way that makes for beautiful, genuine, and warm photos.  

The Big Apple

Through my photojournalistic style, I photograph your family interacting and being yourselves.  I will occasionally guide you into a pose to ensure you have some traditional family portraits as well.  It is the most natural and fun family photos session you’ll ever have.

family fun in Central Park

This lovely family of 4 were in town from Alabama.  The twin girls were 10 years old and had never been to NYC.  The family had a planned weekend packed with activities including a Broadway Show performance of Hamilton, a performance at Carnegie Hall, and a great interest in visiting Central Park and exploring Harlem.  Central Park and Harlem are right up my alley! (figuratively and literally… I am just a few blocks from both and I spend lots of time in each place.) 


We met in Time Square near their hotel which is a great place to start.  There’s always a spot to create some great photos and it is a “don’t miss” location for tourists.  This also gave us the opportunity to take the girls on the subway for the first time and create some great photos down below.  When we emerged, we were on the edge of Central Park.  We snaked our way along the windy paths of the great park enjoying the bustling activity of joggers, bikers, tennis players, and of course, tourists, some enjoying a horse and carriage ride.

NYC subway family photo 49th street
nyc subway
nyc subway
nyc subway photos

We made our way up to Harlem with enough time to visit the famous Levaine bakery, (seriously the best cookies I’ve ever had in my life and there’s a long list of New Yorkers that would agree with that statement).  We finished up with a quick bite at the Red Rooster, named after a Harlem speakeasy, they serve delicious Americana comfort food.

levain bakery
red rooster

The family loved the photo collection.  They now have a custom designed photo book of this days!  Their guests in their home regularly flip through it as do they, enjoying the opportunity to share the memories and revisit this special time in their life.